Film location applying for a permit

Aanvullende maatregelen door coronavirus

We hebben maatregelen genomen om bezoekers en medewerkers te beschermen.

Do you want to place any objects or close off a street (partly) when making a film? Apply for a film location permit.
Go to Film Commission Utrecht for help and advice. This is the service point of the municipality of Utrecht for producers and location scouts.

Applying for a permit

  • These documents are to be added to the application:
    a plan of the location with all objects and street closures indicated
  • the shooting script
  • the safety plan
  • the communication plan
Applying for a permit

Apply for the permit at least 3 weeks before you need it.

Costs (2019)

  • € 64.05 handling costs application without street closure
  • € 350.00 handling costs application with street closure

What else do you need?

  • Do you want to set off any fireworks? Apply for a Firework Ignition Permit (vergunning ontbranden vuurwerk) with the province of Utrecht.
  • For using drones you must comply with the regulations for the use of drones of the national government.
  • For the use of fake (fire) arms, you must request permission from the Police Chief Tasks (Korpscheftaken) Department (Police Unit Utrecht). You are to send us a copy of this permission as soon as possible.


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